VDOMUS Temperature Controlled 15-LED RGP Color Changing Rainfall Hand Shower Review

VDOMUS Temperature Controlled 15-LED RGP Color Changing Rainfall Hand Shower
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This showerhead is a great overall investment to make when remodeling a bathroom or just upgrading from a standard fixed showerhead. The LED lights that this showerhead uses work extremely well and accurately represent the temperature of the water, allowing you to find out just how hot or cold it is before actually getting in. The fact that this showerhead is easy to clean and install initially are just two of the other things that makes it an attractive buy. Priced at around $18 online, this showerhead has a lot to offer for those who are on a budget and want to enhance their shower experience.

The VDOMUS LED Color Changing Rainfall Hand Shower is an excellent is both an inexpensive and efficient shower head, available for around $15 online. This showerhead is designed with a color-changing LED in the arm of the shower that illuminates the stream of water that comes out. While it is true that there are better LED showerheads than this one, it is still definitely worth taking a close look at.


  • ABS material: This showerhead is made out of ABS plastic, making it fairly durable and resistant to the kind of casual dropping that occurs in such a slipper place as a shower.
  • Chrome finish: The chrome finish that this showerhead comes in is very attractive and goes particularly well with bathrooms that have a more contemporary décor.
  • No battery needed: There is no battery needed to power the LEDs in the shower head, as it is activated whenever the faucet senses water flow to any degree.
  • Temperature-sensitive LEDs: The LED lights that are used in this showerhead change color depending on the temperature. Red coloration means that the water is hot, green means cold, and blue means it is at a comfortable and safe temp.
  • Handheld design: This is a handheld showerhead, so you can take it off its mount and use it to rinse off those hard to reach places.


  • No battery required: One great thing about this showerhead is that there is absolutely no battery required for powering it, so you won’t have to worry about needing spend a lot of money on batteries.
  • Shower in the dark: The LED lights that this showerhead uses will allow you to shower in the dark with the lights off, so you can conserve energy and still have a very enjoyable shower.
  • Contemporary look: If your bathroom has a very contemporary look, the chrome finish on this showerhead will fit right in.


  • Problems with water pressure: Some people who have a low water pressure system at home may find that this showerhead won’t provide them with quite enough pressure.

What Other Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased this showerhead have mostly positive things to say about it, including that the LED lights work very well and change color nearly instantly as the temperature changes. Those who have purchased this showerhead also seem to love the fact that it has a contemporary design with a chrome finish.

While some people who have reviewed this showerhead online have complained about the colors that represent water temperature being a bit confusing (green for cold instead of blue), most of the comments are positive. The strong and consistent water pressure is yet another compliment that this showerhead often receives from customers who review it, though some people with low water pressure systems have commented on it being less than ideal.


While the VDOMUS Temperature Controlled color changing rainfall shower head may not be the most impressive one on the market today, it definitely has a lot to offer with its bright LEDs that change color according to the temperature of the water.

VDOMUS LED Color Changing Wand Handheld Shower Head

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Those who are going to be remodeling their home will most likely find this showerhead to be more than adequate. This showerhead allows those who use it to shower in the dark, thereby conserving energy and saving money on energy bills at the same time. There are some small flaws with this showerhead, such as the fact that it may not be great for people with low pressure systems, but overall it is highly recommended for most people.