Guide to the Top 3 Best Shower Heads on the Market

If you want to maximize and enhance your shower time as much as possible, it is important that you get a shower head you will truly enjoy. The shower head you purchase will ultimately determine how much you enjoy being in the shower and what kinds of options you have, so take all the time you need to do your research before making a final decision of any kind.

Water Consumption
Speakman Anystream s-2252
Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head
2.5 gpm
1.2 pounds
Delta 7 Setting Hand Shower
Delta Faucet 75700 Universal Showering Components 7-Setting Handshower
2.5 gpm
1.2 pounds
Moen Velocity S6320
Moen S6320 Velocity
2.5 gpm
1.6 pounds
showerhead with speaker
KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker
2.5 gpm
1 pound

What to look for in a shower head

There are lots of different things that you should look for when trying to select the very best shower head, including:

  • Spray pattern options: Shower heads can offer a number of spray pattern options, such as rain fall, massage, full, jet, and others. The more spray pattern options you have to choose from, the better your overall shower experience will be. Make sure that you take the time to look at the different spray pattern options each shower head you look at has to offer so you can find one that will meet your needs.
  • Build: The material that your shower head is made out of will also be a very important consideration to make, as you will want to find one that is sturdy and will last a long time. Look for a shower head that is made out of metal as opposed to plastic, as it will most likely not break anytime soon.
  • Installation type: There are wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted showerheads that you can buy, so you will need to find one that you can use with your existing plumbing configuration. The last thing you want is to purchase a showerhead you can’t even use.
  • Flow rate: The flow rate of your shower head will determine how much money you will save on your water bill each month. According to government regulations, shower heads are allowed to have a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute at a typically water pressure level of 80 psi (pounds per square inch).
  • Finish: The finish that your showerhead has will also be important, so look for one that will look good in your bathroom. Some showerheads have a brushed nickel or bronze finish while others are silver or plain white. If you want the showerhead you get to go well with the rest of your bathroom, you will definitely want to focus on this.

Types of Showerheads

Wall mounted shower heads

Speakman Anystream s-2252Wall mounted shower heads are mounted directly onto the wall of your shower with the existing fixture. These shower heads come in a variety of designs, including more simple ones with basic features to more elaborate models that offer many different spray patterns and other things. One of the good things about wall mounted shower heads is that they are easy to install, so you won’t have to worry about fumbling around with a lot of tools to get yours on.

This is probably the most common type of showerhead found in people’s homes, and there are lots of them to choose from. With a wall mounted showerhead, you will most likely be able to tilt it up and down so as to accommodate your height.

Ceiling Mounted Showerheads

ceiling mounted showerCeiling mounted showerheads are installed on the ceiling above the bathtub or in an enclosed shower cubicle. One of the best things about a ceiling mounted showerhead is that it is right above your head, so your entire body will be drenched when you take a shower, making for much more efficient rinsing.

Those with a ceiling mounted showerhead can simply stand in their shower and enjoy it without having to worry about using moving it over their body manually, as with a detachable showerhead. While these showerheads can be very beneficial, it can be difficult to target the stream of water towards your back as well as other parts of your body.

Hand held shower heads

Delta 7 Setting Hand ShowerUnlike a fixed showerhead that is mounted to the ceiling or wall of a shower, handheld shower heads have a cord going to the shower wall and can be removed, allowing you to clean all of those hard to reach areas. These showerheads are a great way to conserve water and still get the water pressure you need for a great overall shower experience.

Many handheld showerheads have a variety of spray settings that will allow you to create a spa-like experience in your own home. Since there are so many of these types of showerheads, it is important that you find one that will meet all of your needs exactly.

Rain shower heads

American Standard Easy Clean Rain ShowerheadA rain shower head will enhance your overall shower experience by making you feel like you are in a drenching downpour. If you want to have your own personal raincloud in the shower, one of these shower heads is definitely a great investment to make.

The typical rain shower head has a thin round disk shaped head with lots of tiny holes that water comes out of. Some of the more complex models of these shower heads have a pulse mechanism that result in a spray consisting of little droplets.

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a pulsating rain massage, and that is exactly what you can get with one of these shower heads. Certain models also have randomized settings to provide you with the perfect shower experience every single time.

LED Shower heads

Ana Bath 4” 5 Function LED Shower Head ComboAn LED shower head may be just the thing you need to make your time in the shower more fun and enjoyable. These shower heads spray out water that turn different colors, depending on the temperature of the water. One of the best things about these shower heads is that you will always know how hot or cold the water is before getting in or even feeling it with your hand.

If you want to take showers that are more colorful and enjoyable as a whole, you will find that there are lots of different LED shower heads to choose from.

Shower heads with speakers

showerhead with speakerIf you want to listen to music while you are in the shower, it is highly recommended that you look into getting a shower head with speakers. Many shower heads come with removable wireless Blue Tooth speakers that you can use with your phone, tablet, or other Blue Tooth-enabled mobile device. And while you will need to charge the battery in the speaker to keep it working on a regular basis, it is a great thing to have.

If you are the kind of person who likes to dance around and sing while getting clean in the shower, this type of shower head is definitely right for you. There are many different kinds of shower heads with speakers, so keep that in mind when you are searching for the right one.

Our Top 3 Shower head Picks

1. Speakman Anystream s-2252

The Speakman Anystream s-2252 is an affordable and efficient shower head that has a lot to offer. This shower head is made of solid brass and there are four different finishes to choose form, including brushed nickel, chrome, rubbed brass, and polished brass. The sheer durability of this shower head is one of the first things we noticed, making it a great selection for just about any bathroom.

Speakman Anystream s-2252

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The unique and patented Anystream technology makes it so that all you have to do is simply turn the lever on in either direction and will have a number of different options to customize your showering experience. The patented plunger system that this shower head uses maximizes the force of the water stream, regardless of what your water pressure is like.

Installing this shower head is extremely simple—you just have to take off your current showerhead, use the plumber’s tape that comes with it, and screw on the new one. There are six different jets that will drench you with 48 individual streams of water, creating the ultimate shower experience. With everything from a limitlessly adjustable head to a solid brass construction, this shower head is a great overall investment to make.

2. Delta 7 Setting Hand Shower 75700

The Delta 7 Setting Hand Shower 75700 features an ergonomic handle for easy gripping as well as 7 different spray patterns to choose from, including a massage setting that will make you enjoy your time in the shower more than ever.

Delta 7 Setting Hand Shower

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The chrome finish this shower head is available in will look good in almost any bathroom, and it has a very contemporary look. A shower arm mount is included with this shower head and it also has a 6-foot flexible hose, so you will never feel like your reach is limited when rinsing.

This shower head, with its 2.5-gallon-per-minute flow rate, will provide you with a spa-like experience in your own bathroom. Installing this shower head is very easy and adjusting it is a snap as well. Whether you have been looking for a new handheld shower to get for your family or also have some pets that you need to wash, this shower head is perfect. While some people have complained that this shower head’s flow is a bit too weak, it has gotten many positive reviews.

With a low price tag and a number of great features, the Delta 7 Setting Hand Shower 75700 is truly a great overall deal. If you want the feeling of being in a real spa while you are in your own bathroom each morning, this shower head is a truly great investment to make as a whole.

3. Moen Velocity S6320

The Moen Velocity S6320 is a great rain shower head that offers different modes that you can switch between easily for a traditional shower experience and a drenching downpour. The regular setting on this shower head uses only 30 of the nozzles on it while the rainfall setting activates all 100 of them.

Moen Velocity S6320

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If you are looking for a rain fall shower head, this one should definitely be on the top of your list. Unlike many of the other rainfall shower heads that are currently on the market, this one offers two different modes to accommodate all members of a family.

This particular shower head is available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you will almost certainly be able to find one that meets your specific needs. You can get this shower head in the standard chrome finish as well as a bronze, brushed bronze, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze finish to match the color scheme of your bathroom. Because this shower head uses only 2.5 gallons per minute, you will be able to enhance your overall shower experience while saving water at the same time.

You will get a limited lifetime warranty when you purchase this shower head, which is something that you will not get with many others. The immersion rainshower technology this shower head uses will completely immerse you in water, so it will feel like you have your own personal rain cloud in the shower.

The natural force of the water is dramatically enhanced and magnified with the rainfall setting, so you will be able to quickly and efficiently rinse off while enjoying your time in the shower more than ever before. While this shower head can be a little ineffective for those who don’t have enough water pressure, it still has a lot of other great things to offer.


If you are searching for a new showerhead that will enhance your shower experience on a number of levels, it is important that you keep in mind all of the above listed things and look through your options carefully before making a final decision.

With all of the different options that are available to you, it is crucial that you do your research until you can select the very best showerhead to match your specific needs. Whether it is a rainfall showerhead, handheld showerhead, LED showerhead, or a combination, there are many options to consider before you can decide which one you will enjoy the most.