DreamSpa All-Chrome Water Temperature Color-Changing LED Shower Head Review

DreamSpa All-Chrome Water Temperature Color-Changing LED Shower Head
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The numerous features that this showerhead has to offer, including the temperature-sensitive LEDs as well as the strong and consistent water pressure, make it a great overall deal. While it does have somewhat of a cheap plastic build, there are many other plastic showerheads that are much less durable. This showerhead is perfect for those who want to set the mood for an intimate shower with someone special or just want a good way to enhance their shower experience.

The DreamSpa Water Temperature Color-Changing LED shower head is a truly great investment to make for those who are remodeling their bathroom and need a new showerhead that has a lot to offer overall. This showerhead is powered by running water alone, so it does not require any batteries.

If you have been thinking about replacing your old fixed showerhead in favor of one that is a bit more modern, this one is worth considering.


  • 5 spray pattern settings: There are 5 different spray patterns to choose from with this showerhead, including Pulsating Massage, Power Rain, Hydro-Mix, Economy Rain, and Water-Saving Pause.
  • Rub-clean jets: The high-powered 3-zone Dial with Rub-clean jets and click-action lever make this showerhead both easy to use and clean, so maintenance is not an issue.
  • Long-lasting LED lights: The LED lights that are used with this showerhead have a life of 100,000 hours, so you will be able to get heavy use out of them for 10 years before having to worry about getting new ones.
  • 1-year warranty: The 1-year warranty that comes with this showerhead covers all of the different parts, so you can get it repaired or replaced if necessary.
  • Color changing temperature sensor: There is a sensor in this showerhead that responds to the temperature of the water, using the LEDs to turn the water different colors to indicate how hot or cold it is.


  • Multiple settings: This showerhead offers 5 different spray pattern settings for an optimal showering experience, allowing every member of the household to choose which type of shower of shower they want to take.
  • Temperature sensor: The temperature sensor in this showerhead will let you know how hot or cold the water is so you don’t have to risk getting burned.
  • 3 different colors: The LEDs in this showerhead have three different colors they change, depending on the temperature of the water. Blue means the water is cool, green means it is warm and red means hot. Flashing red means the temperature is over 122F or 50C.


  • Cheap build: The fact that this showerhead is made of plastic does make it more susceptible to breakage, as it is not as strong or durable as stainless steel or nickel alloy. The plastic that is used is fairly thick, however, making it far superior to other showerheads that are made of cheaper, thinner plastic.
  • Problems with low water pressure: While this showerhead provides most people who purchase it with a good amount of water pressure, those with low pressure systems might notice they are not getting all they could out of it.

What Are Other Customers Saying About it?

Customers who review this showerhead typically say that they are more than happy with the water pressure that this shower offers as well as the numerous colors and spray pattern settings. Many of the people who review this product also comment on how easy it was to install this showerhead as well as how easy it is to clean.

The price is another point that is often mentioned by customers who have purchased this product, making it perfect for bargain shoppers.


The DreamSpa LED showerhead is a great deal because of the number of spray pattern settings it offers as well as its low price (it’s available online for around $35), which isn’t bad at all. The three different colors of the LEDs are nice for setting the mood and serve the practical purpose of letting you know what the temperature of the shower is like before you get in.

DreamSpa® All-Chrome

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This showerhead has received some very positive reviews from many people online, so it is highly recommended that you at least consider this product when looking for a new one.